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Originally Posted by spdy330 View Post
Since they are a BMW dealership I would imagine they already did their own inspection. If you have a weird feeling about the car/dealership I would go somewhere else to get your car. I would also want a CPO'd car anyhow especially being an M3.

Good luck with your new car purchase. It is exciting and more so when you get your M.
Yes they've done their own inspection ("we spent 2 hours inspecting it!") and said they would sign off on that (what the hell are they going to sign off on, that they did the inspection? Great, how's that help me )

I could request the actual inspection documentation I guess. The car has a full service history from another local dealership and was traded-in at the end of a lease to this dealer.

The tires/wheels were making an odd noise at surface street speeds during the test drive, maybe minor flat spotting but maybe they are unbalanced.