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Originally Posted by Game View Post
lol thanks for proving my point, you don't watch the games and are spoon fed what ESPN gives you. Kobe makes a ton of mistakes and bad decisions towards the end of games. Ask someone who watches a lot of Lakers game and they'll tell you the same.

Kobe had 8 turnovers against the Bulls, he was sloppy. There were 20 seconds left, he didn't even need to move the ball. The Bulls would have been called for a foul if they attempted to tie themselves up (for a jumpball) because of Kobe's superstar status.

Was that a well drawn up play by Phil Jackson?

Look familiar? Up 1, Lakers ball and Kobe throws it away.

As a guy who watches almost 100% of Lakers game, trust's on Kobe.
You showed me 2 videos.. half of them irrelevant... How does Kobe shooting a air ball have anything to do with this?