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Right. So your point about Brembos being the best choice track if $ is not an issue is weak. I just made a clear point that stoptechs have a huge advantage against the brembos for true track rats.
Guess you missed this sentence?
"FYI Not saying the StopTech/Trophy isn't great, just saying Brembos are great just like the other BBKs"
And I never said "Brembos being the best choice track"
Endless BBK are phenomenal from what's read, though I have - experience with them. The Brembo GTR kit is also suppose to be amazing, but again no personal experience with them.
I've only driven cars with the Brembo non-GTR kit, and a StopTech Trophy kit; never used AP either unfortunately, though I haven't really read any negative reviews on them in terms of performance.

Don't want to start an argument with you, so this will be my last post in this thread regarding this topic, but your point on why ST is better than Brembo isn't to convincing IMO.
From my understanding, you said the key advantages of ST over brembo is easier pad changes and also cheaper replacement parts, right? If I misunderstood your point, then my apologies, but this is how I interpreted your posts.
With $, one can always pay a shop do all the pads changes (so inconvenience/time consumption are no longer an 'issue'), and also increased replacement costs would be irrelevant.

If you meant something different than what I addressed above in your statement:
I just made a clear point that stoptechs have a huge advantage against the brembos for true track rats.
Then maybe you could clarify your point.
As easier pad changes and lower replacement costs isn't a "huge" advantage over Brembos if $ is not an issue (at least that's how I see it, IMO).

For me, ST is better than Brembo for those exact 2 reasons you listed (cheaper costs, easier pad changes), so yes, for me ST has the clear advantage for someone who tracks 1-2 times per month; but I'm not balling like simonlam168

Sorry rldzhao, I didn't mean for this to get more than 2-3 posts, but I guess it got out of hand.