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Originally Posted by Game View Post

If you watched the Lakers play you'd know Kobe makes as much mistakes at the end of the game as positive plays. Then again you probably just watch Sportscenter...

You think Brown told Kobe to get rid of the ball like that? Please, it was careless mistake on his part. LOL @ you blaming Brown for a Kobe turnover. SMH.

Glad all you have to bring to this argument is your personal opinions. Still haven't answered my question, who would you
have hired?

Thanks for proving my point.

A guy like Dwight helps boost defensive stats, please tell me a Dwight Howard caliber defensive player that the Cavs had those years.
wtf? How often do you see Kobe making a critical turnover at the end of the game? I rarely see that under Phil Jackson. The problem with that turnover is because Brown didn't draw a better play. Therefore, causing Kobe to be trapped.... Seems like you wouldn't understand that since you don't understand the fundamentals of basketball. Bandwagon fans...

I would of kept Brian Shaw...

Originally Posted by ChineseGuy View Post

Lebron James has the stats of a C while playing SF. He has very similar stats to Shaq and Varejao. And again, stats don't mean much because they don't show they affect the opposing team's shoot percentage from forced shots and etc. There's way too many factors that go into good and bad defense.

And about the "how would you have hired" question, I believe Lakers had the choice between Brian Shaw, former Rocket's coach, and Mike Brown.

I'd go with Rockets, Shaw, and then Mike Brown.