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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Hi Sam... assuming that you got BMW Live from forum vendor BimmerTech (it is not available from factory in the USA), and that you are paying for the Hotspot plan thru your cell provider, the steps are:

- pair iPhone to car
- enable Data Transfer via Bluetooth in your iDrive: iDrive > Telephone > Configure Phone > Data Transfer via Bluetooth > ON
- enable Hotspot in your iPhone: Settings > Personal Hotspot > ON (in my Verizon iPhone WiFi has to be enabled as well, although the phone itself does not state that it is required for Hotspot to work)
- go to iDrive > ConnectedDrive > BMW Online > OK

That should make your iPhone to tether Internet data to the Combox and you will be connected to BMW Live.

These steps are also explained in detail by BimmerTech with purchase.
Thank you.

I do not have the BMW Live feature via BimmerTech, but I will reach out to him/them.

I also incorrectly assumed via post #10 that the tethering could be accomplished via Bluetooth, with no additional AT&T/Verizon tethering plan required. Since I don't have the tethering service with AT&T (and likely won't get it now, since I would lose my Unlimited Data plan), this may not be a good road to go down.

EDIT: looks like you need an AT&T tethering plan, even to tether via Bluetooth.

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