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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Once your iDrive/Combox are set for BMW Online/BMW Live then:

- pair your phone to the Combox thru Bluetooth.
- set your phone tethering for Bluetooth data transfer

Once that is done the Combox takes over and routes all iDrive Internet requests thru your phone. The iDrive software interfaces with the requests so you have control over what is shown and what can be selected on the screen, full OEM GUI.

The BMW Live gives you a subset of Google Maps features, business business search, local weather and RSS feeds access. This is a comparable service (but free) to the USA BMW Search feature ($199 a year), which provides Google business search, gas prices, local weather, Bloomberg stock ticker, CNN news and the capability of sending your location by email to anybody.

BMW Online is actually a browser so you can go to any website.
Sorry to dredge this up, but I'm a bit foggy on this (still).

Can you recap the steps, once again? Assume I want to use BMW Live, which is free, right? As well as Google A-Z and full browser.

At this point, I have an iPhone 4, paired with the car for BT (phone only), and also use the Media Cradle for Plugin. I'm still unclear on how to set the iPhone4 for Bluetooth data tethering.