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So when is it time to upgrade bodies and when do you stay put and invest in glass? I keep reading that glass is the better investment and that you only need to upgrade bodies once in a while. But when is "once in a while?" I was set to invest in a 7D after Christmas, but once again this trip I found myself missing a long reach lens. This pic below would have been much nicer with a 70-200mm F4L IS than it is as a huge crop from the 24-105.

The 70-200mm F4L IS is at a relatively low price point right now. I could easily grab it. But that means living with the T1i for at least 6 more months if not longer. Plus I've been reading that those who shoot lots of landscapes and low light stuff would be better off with a 5D MkII. Well practically all my stuff is landscape and low light. So maybe I should hold off and save up for a 5D MkII.

I really need to sell the Z4 and stash the money for my photography addiction.

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