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DCT for me. As stated above, mainly gears 3-5, with occasional visits to 2 on slow corners and briefly 6 at the end of long straights if you're nearing the rev limit in 5.

I would guess you shift a bit more frequently in a DCT car because there are 7 gears and they are spaced a bit closer. With a manual, you're probably mainly doing gears 3 and 4.

It was a tough decision for me--I really wanted the involvement of a manual transmission for the track, but I'm not yet confident in my ability to master threshold braking/heel-toe downshifting/balancing trail-braking/hitting the apex at speed with other cars up my rear. With DCT, I'm getting pretty good at doing three of those four things, while letting the car worry about rev-matching on the downshift under heavy braking.

Some day I may "graduate" to a manual transmission for the track, just as they're all disappearing...

The question now is--if I hold on to my DCT as a long-term track car, how will the transmission hold up in the long run compared to a manual?