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Originally Posted by werly View Post
Thanks to OP and kmarei's images above I also installed the PSW non-elec V2 just moments ago.

I agree with former installers that airbag remove is the hardest of all so I want to also contribute some pictures to make future PSW DIY easier

The insertion point is on the black rubber part at the back of the steering wheel, I circled it with red

They are really tricky, I don't know if anyone can visualize the insert slit with bare eyes...I can't. When you don't put it in, it is not there, but your screwdriver can certainly go in without any extra force. Like some members said, use your finger tip to feel the slit and insertion point. Using your new PSW to practice attacking the metal clip greatly benefits also, just like Leonardo629 suggests

Other than that, non-elec PSW is not very hard to install at all, you got to skip all the harness/wires work. But try not to close the truck after disconnecting the battery, otherwise you would ended up like me crawling into the back seat and ripped the arm rest off and managed to pull the emergency trunk release...

Didn't want to repost all the pics, but really wanted to thank you for your post. Glad I read the sticky all the way to this last one. I thought they changed the wheel for '11 and there weren't holes anymore or the airbag release had changed! This was a very helpful illustration. Thanks much! Went on in 20 minutes. I love the quality of the OEM fit and stitching - this is an incredible buy in a performance Alcantara steering wheel. Not so crazy about the blue, but hope I'll get used to it.
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