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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
there is too much fuckery going on with battlefield... i cant ever manage to get my battlelog setup. but all these small problems aside, the second you jump in the game and turn up the volume its hard to even remember anything else... im always immersed in my battlefield lol.

new goal is to get my KDR to 2.0 just brought it up from .87 to 1.12... I only just discovered how to enter unranked matches....

Note to my home boys: do not let your friends play on your account unless ur in an unranked match so it doesnt fuck up ur stats.

also working to get 1000 scout heli kills... on just over 600. I really want to get a kill streak of 30 at least as well... highest so far is 21 which is still kind of weak.
A lot of fuckery indeed. Last night I couldn't join a friend's match but today I can't even get in a match at all. It keeps trying to blame my connection but I was able to get in a match instantly on MW3. It kills me that BF3 is so damn awesome but I keep having to go back to COD because it's the only game that works. I think I'm about to give up for good

btw, my highest streak period is like 4 kills. I'm sure my KDR is well below 1.0