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Originally Posted by Francis M. View Post
I know the Lakers lost two in a row but Having Bynum in the middle makes a huge difference in the way the line up plays....

Putting the lakers loss to Chicago on Brown is absurd! Missed Free throws and Kobe's turn over cost the game! I'm a big Kobe fan but you could tell he was a little off on his ball handling that game.
How often do you see Kobe turn the ball over in the most important play of the game? It was a poorly drawn inbound play....

Originally Posted by ChineseGuy View Post
Stats don't mean much.

A coach can have a lot of wins if he has been coaching for decades. Winning percentages can also be from superstar teams. Putting Phil Jackson on the Kings wouldn't do much help. Having Dwight on your team would also boost up defensive stats.

We judge Mike Brown by looking at him coaching.

Bandwagon fans won't understand that..