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Originally Posted by alpine335i View Post
Wont know the limits unless you push them!
I decided to twin turbo my Dodge diesel truck one fine day. That was in 02 when they had just come out with the 3rd gen. I was one of the first three people in the nation to get the turbos I used. Completely untried in this application and modified for it. Cost going in to fabricate the plumbing for the turbos, exhaust, etc which were not on shelves was best guess. I can say on the one hand it was very cool to be at the front and doing something new and making something that no one else had. On the other it got very expensive, moreso than I had anticipated and I ended up far over budget by the time I had a reliable truck that actually worked as I had envisioned. So many classic Homer Simpson facepalm moments in that project. I guess where I'm going is when I read stuff like this I think back to when I lost my mind and wonder if they know what they are getting into? lol I sure didn't.