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In light of the "fun" with cording hoosiers on M3's in the past the thing I'm counting on as I've said before is that the simple strut E46 front suspension design had pretty bad geometry compared to the E90's more complicated design. This car will still eat outside edges but it shouldn't be near as bad as the old strut designs were, plus I've already been able to get 1.6-7 degrees from the front with the pins pulled and I haven't even started loosening things up and yanking on it yet. But then it's a heavy car too. Oh well, here's hoping. Can always just flip them on the rim if they look ugly, I'm hoping I can get ~30 runs out of them before flipping them. The V710's are good tires and I have experience with them, that's a potential backup plan but I hope I don't need it, as the A6's are just plain better in most situations.

I think that 996 would be good too, more people need to bring them out. If SS wasn't so fun and well-populated I think AS would be a lot more popular but here we are.

In case anybody is actually reading this thread for useful information, the 30mm RD Sport front bar is hollow but it's still about 1lb heavier than the stock bar. The stock 26.5mm front bar is hollow and has a more severe bend to clear the tie rod than the RD Sport bar. I think most of the weight difference comes from the big pieces of very thick plate for the adjustment holes. Interestingly, the RD Sport bar on its stiffest setting uses only about 1/2" shorter moment arm than the stock bar, and at full soft it's close to 1.5" longer than the stock moment arm. I'm using the Turner adjustable endlinks to take the preload off the bar, there was a surprising amount of preload in the stock bar for some reason. Interested to see what the cross weight looks like with the endlinks adjusted properly. 6 different stiffness settings should give me plenty of leeway to screw something up.

Front bar was a big improvement on street tires. Lots more responsive to drop throttle in sweepers now and the car is more predictable in transitions (used to like to snap out in quick low-speed 2nd gear transitions). Gives me hope that balance might be close when the car tightens up from the extra Hoosier grip. Had it on the intermediate setting to start with, which is about 30% stiffer than stock

Took me 30 minutes to get the preload out of the bar with the adjustable end links but it was worth it, cross weights are better now too. Very close to 50%

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