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Incredible work and incredible car! Just ignore the haters, cops, and doubters. I'm looking to get a new GT-R sometime in 2012 and I love what you have done. Sign me up! If I'm ever in Atlanta again (which I may be in May 2012) I'd love to check out your version of Godzilla. It might further inspire me!

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It did not take long for me to get a custom to my last set of modifications (E85 tune, DPs, FMIC, injectors, etc.), so I contacted my buddy Cicio @ TopSpeed and we discussed what to do next in my quest for more power! Once the GT-R makes over 630 ft lbs of torque to wheels the OEM rods will eventually fail, so in order to go any further I will need to build the bottom end of the engine and beef up the transmission. It's a big step and comes with a big price tag, but fortunately I have the skills and the tools to do the job myself. It's a little nerve racking, requires a lot of time, and research... but in the end it will all be worth it. I go tearing down a brand new 2012 with 3500 miles on it! LOL

I will continue to update this thread as I progress with the build. Enjoy the photos!

Dropping the engine:

Dropping the transmission:

Transmission ready to be sent to John Shepherd:

Engine Timing chain:

Stock pistons:

Bare block - top:

Bare block - bottom:

New engine internals back from the machine shop after being internally balanced (Cosworth Rods & Pistons):

Main parts of the AMS Alpha 10 kit: