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Originally Posted by Elementary View Post
No I'm not the forum police, I just found it funny that you went completely OT as you still are in this FS thread. Then you post "I think AE should start a new thread"... Well shit, if you didn't post all that junk then they wouldn't need a new thread.

IYR, I don't care what you support or said. It has nothing to do with the sale of the Ohlins, I don't need a cheerleader on my side.

Back to the Ohlins, and not the drama queens!
Regardless of what I said in the past, you still continue to make OT posts yourself.

If you reallllly want someone to stop going OT, then you yourself should stop going OT; this post I quoted is itself OT.
I am not preaching that you should stop going OT, you are preaching that I should go OT, thus I don't need to follow by example and stop replying to you.

Don't expect someone to listen to you if you don't lead by example; this goes for everything. I never expect those who work under me to do something, or not do something, if I myself don't lead by example.

Just a small hint: if you reply to me and go OT, you're not leading by example; just a helpful hint!

Nonetheless, even if I deleted my own posts, it's meaningless as there are several posts by numerous members that would in turn also need to be deleted (to take all of the OT posts out).
Quicker and more efficient for one individual to do one act rather than multiple individuals doing multiple acts; simple and basic principles of life.