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Originally Posted by Giccy Gic View Post
Really sorry to hear that dude, hopefully it works out!

May that sucker pay in any way that's convenient for you - no need to do him any favours if it means you can't get your car fixed the way you want to
Thanks man.

Originally Posted by 宝马.e90 View Post
Sorry to hear. I almost got hit head on last night turning on an advance and the other driver tried to speed through the red. Drivers are stupid this time of year. Hope everything is ok and there is no serious damage to your M3.
I hate when people do that, that's why even if I'm in the middle of the intersection and the light is red I won't move until the opposing traffic has completely stopped.

Originally Posted by Prince_of_Persia View Post
Dude, sorry to hear that, bad timing too! I am sure she will get fixed in no time.
I know man, sucks.

Originally Posted by CPI View Post
Damn bro! That really sucks. I know the area you are talking about. I had a fender bender similar to yours in my 335i and my rear bumper had a small indent. Not to noticeable but it cost about $1200 to fix it up.

I would recommend getting some estimates from other shops in the mean time like marnello or national collision until Screamin Paintworks opens up and make sure he is aware of how much he will have to pay.
Sucks man. I'm gonna end up getting it done from Reborn Auto Body, meant to be one of the best in Alberta. Estimate came out to just a little under $2000.

Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
Really sorry to hear that. Someone destroyed my daily driver yesterday while parked on the corner of my block. My wife and I came back from the mall in the M3 to see the whole driver side beat. No note left. Welcome to Philadelphia.
Good luck my friend.
Sucks to hear that man, let us know what happens with that! Good luck to you too.

Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
Sucks bro. So if you're filing a report you'll be going through insurance? If so I'd contact insurance asap they might be open Monday..
Contacted em today, second adjuster is gonna come around tomorrow or the day after. Also, couldn't file a report because it's less than $2000 worth of damage.

Originally Posted by schnell325 View Post
Merry f-n Christmas.
& a Happy New Year!

Originally Posted by Prince_of_Persia View Post
I think I saw your car yesterday at chinook center, it wasn't that bad.
Probably did bro. I know that's what I thought but it is cracked, they're gonna have to replace the bumper.