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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
Maybe you should set an example and do it first

Never really understood why people refer to people, specifically males, as "girls" in a derogatory manner.
Right.... I'm not the one posting retarded b/c racecar photos.

I would explain but it won't help you.

Originally Posted by mastek View Post
What makes a suspension 'bouncy' is spring rate, not shocks. You can couple these with street spring rates but that would be a waste of talent.
Actually its not the spring, the shock controls the spring. So if you have a "bouncy" car that means your shocks are not properly controlling the springs.

16kg rear spring is 900lbs which isn't that "stiff" on the e9x chassis. With good dampers 1000lbs+ will still be street compliant, it'll be a firm ride but not bone jarring stiff nor annoyingly bouncy.