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Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
Changed oil today. Drained 9 litres of oil from the two sumps. I don't know whether this is overfill. Filled 8.8 litres of Castrol EDGE 10W-60 SN. All up it cost $200 ($160 for 10 ltrs of oil, and $40 for the filter). I did buy other stuff including a pair of ProRamps and 6mm HEX bit which are long term investments. Bit messy given the first time, but a very interesting experience. The rear sump took ever to drain. From lifting the car to finishing took under an hour.

Took for a drive around the block and the idrive oil level check showed Max with OK. Very pleased with the effort.

I didn't reset the interval and still showing 13k km till the next change.
Unfortunately, Edge 10W-60 is not available in the US. But, I only pay about US$12/liter through the dealer.

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