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Originally Posted by Sloppy View Post
THE most disgusting secret ive never told anybody is this... In college this hot red head called me up and asked me to come down to her room. There she pleaded for me to let her give me a blowjob. So in my infinite wisdom said no, because I was totally sober, and she was drunker than Vinny wearing a hooters outfit... But none the less... she keeps pleading and pleading... "Please!!!!! I know i can't compete with other girls but please let me try!!!" Again and again i said no because i couldn't live with myself taking advantage of such a hot girl when she's totally drunk! So i finally went back to my room and watched porn all night to get my mind off of it. This is secret because i made such a poor decision that it haunts me for the rest of my life... and that's why i never told anybody cuz they would say... what a fuckin pussy that guy was!
IMPOSSIBLE! NOTHING is hotter or more drunk then me in a Hooters outfit!!

Guess MY secret is out...... Damn u Sloppy!!!