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I am sure its not an easy job however why does there need to be a moderator on an internet page where you post information? Unless someone is posting threatning information or something illegal, than why not simply let threads take care of themselves. Reminds me of big govermnent trying to fix things from a top down approach instead of letting markets do their thing (not trying to debate this point here).

So what is the worst that happens if there was no moderator deleting threads and so on? If a thread was completely useless than people will either stop reading, posting or both and the topic will die. If a post continues to get posts and replies than it apparently is interesting and worth putting time into for many people and in that case why should a moderator pick and choose to shut this down?

I am curious what purpose a moderator is for?

With that said-given its probably a requirement I appreciate those who put in the time and effort to keep this up and running!

(this is not a criticism but rather an inquiry because I never understood need for a moderator on an internet forum of any type