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Originally Posted by 3_runner View Post
... Who can think up shit like that?

I didn't lose my virginity till I was 26. Yea I was a late bloomer. All my friends were having sex since Junior High, and here I was, fresh out of College with nothing but a boner and hand cream. While visiting my sister, her an her husband use to have sex in the bedroom next to where I slept. I could hear them every night, and I would jerk off under my sheets to the sound of my sisters voice. But that's not all, it gets worse... I use to eventually dress up like a Ninja and tell my mom I was going out late at night to "play ninja" with my best friend. In reality, I would sneak around the back of the house and stand on top of my bicycle seat and peep through the window to watch my sister get nailed. But that's not all, eventually I couldn't take being a virgin and spanking to my sister, so I called a prostitute over to lose my virginity. Sad part is she was my first, so I fell in love with her and went broke fucking her every chance I got. I can't believe I'm telling this story, but I also then told my friends about her and introduced her as my girlfriend. Eventually one night I found out my best friend fucked her in the bathroom at a party and he knew the whole story, so out of embarrassment I locked myself in my room and continued to spank it to the sound of my sister getting banged by her husband...

See... Not that hard to come up with some bullshit...