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Originally Posted by roddyc View Post
I just did this to my car (unfortunately for the guys above me, I have an 08) and took it for a spin.

The verdict: my best mod so far. The downshifts from 3rd to 2nd used to be hit or miss in terms of smoothness but with the spring out, the engagement point on the clutch is a lot less vague and no more herky jerky downshifts for me. Only complaints I have are that the first half inch of travel is a little mushy now (for lack of a better word) and there is a little bit of side-to-side play with the clutch pedal, but the car is so much easier to drive.

Took me an hour longer then it should have, but I'm a happy camper overall!

On a side note, how did you guys get the pin out on the top? I was able to slide it out enough to remove the spring assembly, but the brake pedal blocks the extra quarter inch I need to get the pin all the way out. I also broke the top clip trying to get it out since I couldn't figure out how to orient it to slide it out cleanly.
I came here to say almost the same exact thing. Just performed the mod on my 2008.. One of the best mods done yet. Definitely easier to drive, I have the same slight side-to-side play. I don't think it'll bother me. I think my throttle pedal (even though it is on the floor) it also has some side to side play.

Other Notes: Maybe its my build year, but I didn't have T25's i I had T20 for screws. Also I had the same issue as the guy above me. I couldn't get the pin to slide all the way out, I kinda jimmied it around and popped out the whole assembly.