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Originally Posted by ChineseGuy View Post
Don't feed the troll...
Who's trolling?

Originally Posted by twinturbo335 View Post
WTF? Fisher better matchup for Rose? Did you not see how bad Rose crossed Derek old ass?

I'm not the only one who question Brown putting Fisher back into the game. If you stick to the post-game Magic Johnson criticize Brown for putting Fisher back into the game.

Getting fired after being #1 seed in the NBA for 2 consecutive seasons...Can you name a good coach getting fired after being #1 seed?
Uhh yes I'd rather have Fisher on Rose than Steve Blake.

Mike Brown is a strong defensive coach and he proved it in Cleveland. That team was good because of Lebron AND team defense.

Defensive rankings (Cavs left column - Lakers right column)

2010-11 29 6
2009-10 7 6
2008-09 3 5
2007-08 11 6
2006-07 4 24
2005-06 14 15

The Lakers are struggling right now and it's expected. No Bynum, new players, huge new coaching staff, new system, all on a fraction of offseason time. They'll get it together.

If you were Kupchak, who would you have hired?