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Well, after listening to the BBD Studios for a while, I think that they don't sound amazing nor do I think that they sound like they are worth $300. But I don't think they sound terrible.

I actually learned what the trick is to these headphones on accident. 90% of my iTunes library are songs that are 320 kbps. A song that was 128 kbps came on and I instantly knew why people hate these headphones. When I use my Skull Candy IEMs (for the gym, snowboarding, etc.) you really can't tell much of a difference. But with the Studios, you can hear it instantly. They sound extremely flat. The highs just aren't there. The mids don't sound good and the bass is not there or punchy when it wants to be. I downloaded the same song in 320 kbps and put it on my iPhone. What a world of difference. Seriously. I'm pretty anal about finding quality audio files (I know that's laughable when talking about mp3s lol) but I added that song years ago to my iTunes before I knew about different audio qualities.

When listening to these headphones with quality music, they really aren't that bad. The highs will never match what the Beyer Dynamics or Sennheisers can do but I put these headphones on knowing that. As for the mids, I don't have anything to brag or complain about. They aren't bad but I wasn't amazed by them. As for the lows, woah. The amount of bass that the headphones have is crazy! The bass can be a little muddy at times but that might be because there is so much of it. It cleans up when you put the volume around half or less on the iPhone. If you turn it all the way up, they literally rumble on your head lol. Sometimes I feel like the bass is a little too much but if the mids and highs were a little better, I think it would be ok.

The noise canceling on these headphones are in my opinion only ok. I gotta hand it to Bose though, their noise canceling is better.

Just a little review I figured I'd post for you guys.