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Originally Posted by El_Duderino View Post
Headphones: Beyer Dynamic, AKG, Audiotechnica, Sennheiser -- definitely not the Beats by Dre or Bose, which are both overpriced crap when it comes to sound quality, although the noise cancellation on the Bose isn't bad.

In-ear-monitors: Shure, Ultimate Ears, Etymotic, Westone. Klipsch is second rate compared to the mid- to higher range IEMs from any of the aforementioned manufacturers, although these do tend to cost more than the Klipsch.
Agree with this post, and would also like to add ultrasone to that headphone list.

In the end, you have to go to a guitar center and try out all the headphones to see what you like best. My ears might love the sound off a pair of AKGs where your ears wont
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