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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Thanks for your post.

I have four things on my list to figure out:
1. M button (but more realistically MDM) retrofit to non-equipped cars. I will need a car without these features installed and most of the cars in my area are pretty heaviliy loaded.
2. DCT 1 push to drive, instead of having to tap it twice to go to D.
3. Euro Radio Frequency Tuning
4. Removing DCT Seatbelt Patch which requires seatbelt to be on before gear is changed.

All of the above are possible, just haven't had time to sit down and try it or no R&D car to try it on.

Any other things you guys are looking for please do not hesitate to ask.

I have a 2011 w/o the M-button. If you can work things remotely (I'm on the east-coast) I would be glad to offer my car up. MDM / sport servotronic is something I've been very interested in.