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Originally Posted by ghosthi32 View Post
and this is why ot died when 1addicts was added...
lol what do you mean OT died on here at some point?? This place blows interracial dick. ...It was never alive, man. Come to bimmerforums OT. OMG, I hope a moderator doesn't put me in time out for mentioning another forum.

lol @ thez99. You're a nub, dude. Stop taking the internet so seriously. "I didn't bother reading your response, I just checked the thread again and quoted it...and called it an excuse...and I also referred to clicking on a thread as stepping foot into somewhere..."

What a toolbox lol. OT is off-topic, the section of the forum that you are currently viewing when you read this, noob. For someone so serious about the internet, you should know that. Tisk, tisk.