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Damn. You ladies are a tough crowd. I thought it was mildly amusing.
Originally Posted by ********* View Post
Why do you care so much?

You're a troll too...4 posts and you post something like this.
Would you approve if I made a gay porn thread for you? And no care. I pasted that from bimmerforums. You have 6500+ posts in less than three years...and I assume that OT posts don't count on here. I might lurk, but you are the epitome of a post whore, dude man.

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"Drives a 332i"?
Bah. New-to-bimmer peeps.
Yes. It was originally a non-M E36 325i M-Tech. Then, TRM dropped an M3 motor in (hence the 332), they built the motor up, installed E36 M3 front and rear subframes + brakes, absolutely complete M3 interior/exterior, and a ton of mods that I could care less to list. I can't take an E9x M3 or modded 335s with the power it has right now, but she's still fun. So, it has every part from an M3 that makes it an M3...and plenty more, other than badges/vin number, but it would be BMW blasphemy to refer to it as an M3. That's not what it was originally. Cool story, I know