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Originally Posted by silvergray545 View Post
My mom knows that I've been waiting to get a nice pair of headphones lately. Every couple days I keep checking to see if those new Klipsch Mode M40's have been released yet. And then I bitch because they said they were gonna be released "Fall 2011" and they still are not out. Today, I open one of my presents and she got me a pair of Beats by Dre Studios. She knows absolutely nothing about headphones and she kept telling me that they are the hottest item for Christmas this year. I didn't think she was actually gonna buy them lol. Even though they are not the headphones I wanted, they will hold me over until those Klipsch's come out.

As far as sound goes, I just did a 12 hour break in. I'm gonna listen to them in a bit when my iPhone is done charging.
they're not bad by any means, I like how they sound, and stylish
and yeah those klipsch m40's have been really annoying

Originally Posted by ZJP View Post
Just got some Sennheiser HD25-1 II's for Xmas. It was between these and the Klipsch Image Ones and I am so glad I chose the Senn's.
any reason for that?
i love german cars