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Got rear ended last night.

Not really that much of a story to tell except for the fact that I got rear ended, for those of you who are familiar with the area I was taking a right off of Mcknight BLVD on to 52nd Street NE. Couple cars in front of me on the merger so I had to stop and BANG some guy comes and hits me right from behind. I was pissed at this point, go outside to check and you can tell this guy is just one of those guys that doesn't understand an M3 isn't a *cheap* car to fix. At first it just looked like paint work or even a 3 stage detail and it would good as new but now I can see there is a tiny dent in the center of the bumper and the two exhaust pipes on the left are sticking out a tad bit more than the ones on the right so I'm assuming the bumper is bent.

I have 2 concerns, the guy doesn't want to go through insurance, he wants to pay cash. So just for my peace of mind I have decided after writing this I'm going to head down to the police station on the 14th St. NW to file a quick report just in case he does try to back out of it.

Secondly, does anyone know when Screamin' Paint Works is resuming business? I'm hoping it's not the 3rd of January like most other places, I'm not really feeling to take it to the dealership as I know for a fact Screamin' does incredible work and wait time isn't that bad.

Will post pics in a little while, the car is spotless but not the rear bumper so I'm gonna get that done and see how bad the damage really is.

If anyone is selling a rear-bumper, OEM, then PM me just in case I might need it. Hoping for local but shipping in Canada is fine as long as you make sure it will be wrapped properly and everything.

EDIT - Police station isn't open until Tuesday, officer that answered assured me there isn't a time frame on reporting a 'minor collision'. So we shall go from there.

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