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Paint Defects

Originally Posted by anthonygilbo View Post
Look out for the paint defects!!! Motorline had one and sent it back because the paint job was terrible...
Hi Guys,

first post. I just picked up about five weeks ago a frozen black M3 from Trivetts at Parramatta. Its the second car they sold apparently with the frozen black paint job. Turns out the paint is easy to keep with Swiss Wax Opaque kit and its looks brilliant when waxed. As this was my first BMW I saved up all my $$$ and bought the best I could and love the car.......except for the defects in the paint work. Defects are white spots on every panel, hard to see at first but there certainly there and pimples in the paint work again on most panels but most noticeable on the bonnet. Trivetts have been ordinary, the window tint job was nothing short or atrocious, when I complained about paint they suggested that they would remove the panels and have them painted (what a joke). Anyway BMW finally sent a guy up to check it out who suggested that yes the paint was bad but he thinks they can fix it by having the car resprayed on the bonnet and a treatment put on the paint to remove the white spots. Considering that the paint job is apparently 17K extra for this car Im finding this difficult to swallow that the item you pay more for is infact the item thats buggered. Considering there is only 12 of these and I have access to a second M3 in FB by fluke and theres one at Canterbury Im gonna check in FB . Bottom line there is either at least two cars with known paint defects, mine and the one from motorline or indeed mine is the one from motorline shipped to Trivetts. SO its at least 17% defects or car was knowingly sold as defected. Either way not good enough from BMW and Ill keep you guys abreast of how they go about handling this as we move forward, At this stage they intend on having the car put into Parra smash repairs to have the bonnet resprayed. Such a shame as the car is awesome in every other respect.
Bottom Line do not buy a frozen colour if your fastidious about your paint and taking care of a car.