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ChippedB6 has been trolling you guys for years.

****Queue sound of plane soaring out of the clouds, plummeting back towards planet earth**** Weeeeooooooo nehhhhneneeneeneeneenee

Your daddy would get really upset if he found out that his son had been taking pictures of his cars for the past three years, posting them around with their license plates clearly visible...along with his WIFE. That would be terrible if someone posted a link to this on his business' facebook wall, wouldn't it? I never post on here, as I'm no baller like you with my lowly E36, but I hope you have some lube handy, man.

This kid is a massive troll Thanks for some really entertaining reading tonight, chipped B6. Oh, and merry christmas! Enjoy your yogurt Uh oh, now you know EXACTLY where I'm going Quick! Start deleting your posts!

I'm warning you guys. I hope your ready before we continue...

Dude posts this on Honda-Tech forum:
You can view the whole thread or see his first of many outlandish posts.
Originally Posted by Chipped B6
About a year ago. I had an EK (civic) hatch with an LS/Vtec swap, it was turbo'd and pulling 350whp on pump. Then newflash. I had to do something with my life, just graduating high school. Sold the hatch for 7k and went on to do bigger and better things. Fast forward 1 year.

I bought an 11' Z4 35is and an 11' M3 coupe.
Let's stop here. WTF?

Then he continues and posts pictures of "his" Z4, which can also be seen here on e90post or here at his flickr account:

Note from said information thus far, he is a year out of high school...which would lead us to assume that (we hope) he is about 19 years old. How does a 19 year old afford such extravagant automobiles??? Acquire a business loan with no money and start a yogurt business in Wood Village, Oregon. Then, simply name it Pico Berry Frozen Yogurt. Curses! Why didn't we all think of this first?! Because, someone already did...but we'll get to that. Did I mention you need to pay the ENTIRE business loan off in ONE SUMMER to afford such cars at 19 years old?

Ok, so we know he's 19 and bought two brand new, fairly high-end BMWs. They are his and he has firmly put his foot down in regards to that issue many times in the Honda thread I put up there.

Oh wait. His cousin has a Lambo Gallardo? Damn. But, wait...I thought you were 19...
Originally Posted by Chipped B6
One of the them costs around $244,000. He said his next car is going to be a Veyron.. but I will believe when I see it, he is only 19 for christ's sake.. he drove a Diablo when he was 16.. I am here being 45 with only a 335i. And yes, the interior is suede.

I guess those are the perks of being swedish and having a dad who is Executive at IKEA. Ugh. Makes me sick to my stomach at times.
Oh, the horror. It must be terrible know that a 19 year old was given such a car.

That post can be seen here:

Well, wait. Now, I'm confused. Was chipped B6 45 years old back in 2008 and then came back in 2011 as a 19 year old? Or was he 16 in 2008? the hell could he buy his first E9x M3 when he was 17 in 2009? he says he bought that Black on tan Z4 35is...and did european delivery...again...he's 19. ...Or is mystery man 45? Ahhhh, my head! OMG. Suddenly, he has a daughter! But, now the car is hers and his wife's...and he hasn't seen the car yet. She just sent pictures to him! So cute and thoughtful of her!

Oh my...and he has an X3, too?! And a wife?! At 19?! Pictures of chipped B6's mom, wife or daughter can be seen in this thread. He stands by the fact that it is his wife, though.

Ok, now we're back to the Z4. It came in the mail from europe. The first thing he did was drive to his cousin's and put some wheels on it. Now the car is his again, not his daughter's.

Oh, I forgot to mention, back in 2008 when he was 16, his 335 was having some transmission issues. AKA, my old man is going to be home next and I destroyed daddy's 2nd gear synchro from ramming too much.

Cliff notes: A 19 year old boy has trolled the crap out of you guys for the past three years and then saw his e-status disappear into non-existent, thin air at the hands of some Honda forum detectives...when he posted up his dad's cars, claimed he owned a business which his dad owned, and it goes on and on and on and on It's sad. Every single post is a lie, built upon another lie, which was built upon another and so on. Can't people just be happy with what they have? He wasn't cool enough being a 19 year old with a civic that would theoretically boast a better hp to weight ratio than any e9x 335 or M3 in real life, supposedly. So, he did what he seemingly does best. Went on Honda-Tech and other forums (fake life), told them he sold his rattlebox, and bought a couple sick BMWs at the same 19 lolol. Even the internet is a small world these days...

I hope you got the new 911 GT3RS you asked for Christmas this year. lol just kidding. I hope he gives you some sort of exotic car key, in exchange for the BMW key to the car he lends you, and you become all excited like a little school girl. Then, he brings you out to the garage, kicks you down the steps and slams the door shut, locking your ass out in the cold, leaving a note that reads "Saw that you grew up on the internet, now you can grow up in real life. Fuck off, son. Your mother still has her periods. We can easily replace you."

Just sing your own song, dude. Jesus christ.

Honda-Tech finds out the dad owns the business, personal information, loan information, shit loads and all sorts of crap.

It's not worth reading the honda tech thread. Thought it would be much more good, but apparently the internet is better at pounding his asshole than he is at lying lol. That's when you know moving traffic is awaiting you.

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