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Originally Posted by dbarnes View Post
You have no idea what my experience base is yet you sure had no trouble attacking me. It sounds like you have zero experience with H&R and somehow it's ok for you to extrapolate from your kw "street" kit to H&R so how is that any different from my comments? Oh, BTW, I do have previous experience with H&R (not on the e92 m3) and will NEVER buy another H&R product because it was, IMO, junk - is that better for you?
Kaiv is a frequent track/street junkie and would take his opinion as spot on most of the time. He has had a bunch of suspensions, including H&R, so have I. I have been through Moton, Aragosta, Top Secret, HKS, Ohlins, H&R, Bilstein, to name a few and for daily driving and commuting H&R is not junk. They actually hold their own in that respect and are perfectly fine for the average driver, which is 90% of drivers on the road, including you and I.

Sorry to hear you have had bad luck with H&R but not everyone has had that type of luck. In fact most of us have had little to no issues at all with their setups.