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Originally Posted by ErvGotti View Post
Yeah I forgot to add that, drink about 1.5 to two gallons of water daily no matter if it's hot or cold outside. It's a pain in the winter cause I piss like every 30 mins but yeah you'll need to stay hydrated. As far as coffee I think 2 cups daily is fine maybe no more than 4. Just make sure to stay hydrated.

Staying motivated is key, lose the 10-15lbs before the surgery then be striengent in your eating habits while you cant workout to avoid getting fat again.
Thanks for the tip. Going to try my best to have as much water i can. I've always had a hard time consuming the recommended daily intake of water.

I am also curious as to whether i have thyroid because i've never really had a problem losing weight quick. Hell now it seems the harder i try the less weight i lose.