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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Wow. I was really looking forward to smashing it but that's some solid shit right there! Really smooth beat and the lyrics are on par with, if not better than, most of what's currently out there. Best of luck to you!
lol that's how I feel.
Originally Posted by Bavarian III View Post
LOLOL I know most people are immediate skeptics when people say that they rap, or whatever. And I expect that. Which is why I said that I'd let my music do the talking for me. But I'm really happy that you like it, I try to distinguish myself a bit with my.. verbiage.
very well put, i knew you produced beats but i didn't know your taste in music was actually...good. lol your music is completely up my alley. i'm a big time atmos fan and this has similar vibes.

keep doing what you do, and i wish you the best of luck bro
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