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Originally Posted by DBH View Post
1,200 service = fluid changes in engine (also filter) and diff. No fluid change for DCT.

BMW oil service is ~15,000 miles. However, M cars get an annual oil/filter change under maintenance program! So, you get oil change after one year or 15,000 which ever comes first.
Actually all bmw's get a year oil change regardless of mileage. Not M specific.

I think the majority of people on here agree that 7500miles instead of 15k is pretty reasonable, especially if you are going to own it long-term, however aside from a few oil analysis showing some increased particals at that range, there is no proof that translates into worse engine wear. I think its a reasonable upgrade if you want to do it more frequently. Otherwise I think most agree unless you are trakcing 10 times a month 15k is probably just fine