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Quick update, we are quickly filling up and, as Darcy mentioned, we only have about 3 spots left for anyone interested. This is going to be a great event as we have everything from an e30 race car to M3s, M5s and M6s that will be ripping it up around the track with us. Please contact me if you're interested in the event.

I also need to do a little house keeping regarding race equipment. TGP mentioned this so I thought I would inform the group before we arrived at the track. Just about any shoe will be fine for the track EXCEPT running sneakers and boots (like Timberland's) for obvious reasons. I would suggest a nice, comfortable, casual shoe with a relatively hard sole and good grip for the pedals. I picked up the following pointers from a racing shoe website. Please note the examples in the photo below as well:

1. The sole should be thin enough so you have a good feel for the pedal under your foot, but should be rigid enough so your foot is well supported.

2. It should have enough grip to not slip around the pedals, yet not be too sticky for switching pedals easily.
3. The sole should curve around the heel to allow you to rest your foot on the heel. This prevents notchy foot movement and that translates into smoother driving.
4. Ideally, the outside of the right shoe should be covered in rubber to protect it during heel and toe maneuvers

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We're getting close guys and I can hardly wait! See you out there!