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Originally Posted by The Ghost of Tom Joad View Post
i wouldn't call shark encounters 'hairy moments'. they're pretty harmless and will just check you out and keep moving most of the time. you rarely ever hear stories of shark biting divers. nurse sharks are mostly docile and just sit on the bottom motionless. reefs are a bit more active, but like i said, usually just check you out and swim on by. even seeing a shark active during the day is pretty rare at most dive sites anyway.

i'm more concerned with barracuda personally. those guys really like to get up close and personal. those teeth in your face don't play! they're way more likely to take a nip at you than a shark. my first night dive on the vandenberg was pretty much dodging barracuda the whole time. they really want to check out your light and will nip at just about anything shiny on your gear. you hear stories all the time about barracuda biting earrings or watches...basically anything shiny with a reflection. sharks very rarely do that stuff.
I agree. I encountered a school of hammerheads which kept circling us for 10 - 15 minutes then left. As soon as we jumped in they sensed us and came to check us out, but since we are not on their menu its a beautiful sight to watch. Also +1 on the barracudas.
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