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Originally Posted by - Paul - View Post
This is the only bit I disagree with. For me , if the pic of the bath is better than the pic of the lake or whatever, then the bath pic should win. It's not about the fact you drove for an hour/stood in rain/etc.

I don't think you always have to work hard to get a good photo.

The technical side is an issue and this can only be voted on by those that understand it - there is no way round this unless you can control those who vote to those that do (does that make sense?!). To remain inclusive - all forum members should be able to vote - even those that haven't a clue what f2 is etc.
well looking at it again, it's a bit extreme. If the photo of the bath shows thought, good photo concepts and principles and stuff... then sure I have no problem with it. Its just that I think most times it wouldn't with the mentality of just shooting whatever is around. If someone does it with the proper concepts, thats totally different and of course I wouldn't have an issue with it, but again - the mentality is what bugs me.

I agree with your statements on the inclusiveness of the contest but I think you're missing the give/take of what the new voting did. Everyone was still allowed to vote, we just voted on the ones to make the poll. If that means maybe we choose MORE photos to make the poll larger, fine but I still think the contest creator should have some pull in who they think captured the theme the best out of all of the submissions. I really don't think it's fair if person A goes and shoots for the theme and nails it, exactly how its supposed to be done, and person B does something kind of like how its supposed to be done but has some sensational item in the photo. Then when we get to the poll time, person A gets a few votes from people who know what they're talking about/doing and B's photos gets a ton of votes yet was light years away from what the theme was actually about.

To me that part is more of an injustice than anything else.