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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
The competition in AS is the Cayman S, several base Corvettes, and lots of other proven cars that aren't showing up because people seem to think the Cayman S is an overdog even though the 'vette won it all this year, and because the costs aren't really any better than Super Stock, you just go a lot slower. I'm going into this knowing it's an uphill battle in AS.
I've always wondered how the 2004 40th Anniversary 911 would fare in A-stock. It has the X51 power kit engine, stiffer springs (Mo30), and importantly a limited slip diff that Caymans and other 911s in A-stock don't. I was pondering using as much of the setup experience from SS GT3s as possible (tires, front bar, alignment, etc) also. I just drove my daughter's fiance's 40th in an autox last month, and I'm thinking this car might just be a hidden (from the radar) possibility if properly prepared (and driven of course). Anyway it was a fun car (but was on BFG street tires) and was the first time I've driven a Porsche in an autox since 1976.

Second thing that comes to mind is front camber on the M3. Having had a number of years experience with an E46 ZHP in D-stock, the front camber issue is the biggest handicap -- all from a tire wear standpoint ($$$). The most the E46 can get is just a bit over -1.0 up front, maybe -1.2, with the pins out. We (daughter and I co-drive it a lot) were "fortunate" to experience cording outside edges of brand new A6s (~$275 each) in 16 runs. The V710 is a bit longer lasting, so I'd look at those if I was doing this M3 challenge. We ended up using BFG R1s to simply have fun and gets lots of runs out of them at local club events (which don't work too bad at all in typical summertime 95+F temps here).

Good luck with the M3. I look forward to reading about your experiences with the car.

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