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Originally Posted by dogears View Post

The dealer installed the latest 2011 maps under warranty. It required a total software update. Prepare for a two day service! LOL You know.... Software takes 5 hours. Map loading another 3 hours. Car doesn't go into shop until lunchtime.....whoops. Not done by 5. NAV update requires an authorization code from Germany btw.

I also got a new battery since mine was weak. Also under warranty. AGM battery! The battery also required a system update as the new battery is AGM and requires the car to be coded for it. I drive about 6K a year. Glad they covered me.

The new NAV is vastly superior! Works well now and has some enhanced locations and features.

As a result of all this, I was forced to get the ESS direct flash tune. I had to replace the tune they overwrote with the new locked stuff.
"Under warranty?" How did you get them to do that?
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