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Originally Posted by Tarmac_E46_M3 View Post
Oh, well 2500 isn't that bad. I was think a lot more than that. I have a buddy who knows a guy that will do it for 1500... but I don't how good those people are.
this is my first wrapped car. so I really didnt have any prior reference points to compare how good 90210 wrap really is.

a few very good friends that have experience with wrapped cars, either through business or hobby, look at my car under a microscope.

the job was done very very well. little to no imperfections were noticed even in close range. My paint however was NOT in the best of shape prior to wrapping. 99% of the flaws are due to my horrible paint condition.

1500 can get it wrapped..but how well? I'm not talking about your buddy's connection specifically, but usually you get what you pay for, especially in the labor department.

hope this helps.