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What's the most disgusting secret you've never told anybody?


I masturbate to Facebook pictures of my friends, but everybody does that. I get turned on by... taboo stuff, so I had to do better than that.

For several months, ending around when r/jailbait was shut down, I would regularly upload revealing pictures of close female friends of mine to r/jailbait (plus others I barely knew, to avoid suspicion).

The best part was realizing that all my redditor friends had discovered these pictures but couldn't admit that they browsed r/jailbait so said nothing. It was pretty great.


Near the end of high school, I managed to regularly spy on my mom naked. But it's worse than that. So much worse.

It was really easy to do, actually. We both had Mac desktops, she had a webcam. I would turn her monitor off when she was in the shower, I knew her password and could start screen share from my computer, and then I'd open PhotoBooth on her computer, and voila a one-way window into her room while she was changing.

(I realize by explaining this I'm enabling horny redditors to do the same. All the power to you, you sick fucks.)

So I would masturbate to this live stream of my mom changing, almost daily, for a couple months. Eventually I added video screen capture to the mix and ended up with a collection of 40+ videos of my mom changing.

Oh by the way my mom is really hot.

So... this eventually became not enough for me. So I uploaded these videos to the internet, of course. No, of course I'm not going to link. To avoid suspicion but keep the turnon of incest, I said "daughter" in place of "mother". Did I mention my grandfather lived with us at the time?

Well he doesn't any more. He moved out a few months after this for what are probably unrelated reasons, but I was never told them. So it's possible that this was related. I never liked the guy anyway.


I can't fucking believe I'm sharing this. This lie was such a huge part of my life. Here it is.

By my senior year of high school I had still never kissed a girl. I was relatively popular, and this was just an annoying truth hanging over me. So, when an attractive and somewhat popular girl at my school was hit by a drunk driver and killed, I took advantage of an opportunity.

I told everybody that we had been in a secret relationship for about a year before the accident but hadn't told anybody because we enjoyed lying. We had lost our virginities to each other, too. And nobody questioned the truth of this because, well, what the fuck kind of person would make that shit up?

It gets worse.

Everybody found out about this secret relationship quickly because it's high school and word spreads quickly. I got a lot of sympathy and I played the role excellently. My first actual kiss and my first actual fuck were as a result of this lie. This relationship I invented was so exact and elaborate in my mind that I almost felt like it actually existed. I masturbated to Facebook pictures of her to seal the deal.

Yeah... it gets worse.

Her family found out about this secret relationship, too. And so they decided to fly me out to Seattle (locations have been changed for anonymity's sake) from Austin to go to a funeral-type thing. She had grown up in Seattle and all the family was there. There was an actual funeral in Austin, but they had to have a second one in Seattle too for whatever reason.

Anyway, I stayed for a weekend with her family and two close friends of hers (one of whom I later had sex with) at her childhood home. And I found naked videos this recently deceased girl had taken of herself (playing with her tits, don't know why she had this videos but I guess it's not that uncommon) on her computer.

Naturally, I emailed them to myself and they are among my most frequently masturbated-to videos (along with the compilation of my mom changing, of course).

And naturally, I uploaded them to the internet. As "daughter" again. And claiming that she's 18, though she was 17 when she died.

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