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They should have told Odom that they were looking to trade him.

When the deal fell through, he would have probably stayed but the front office was too scaerd to tell him they were looking to trade him.

That being said, Odom is dumb for wanting out, so what they wanted to trade you, it was for chris pual.

They should have signed Chuancey, he would have been perfect, a no risk contract for one year, he's 35 but still can play, smart basketball player, Kobe would have loved him because he would have taken some pressure off him.

Chuancey, Kobe, Ebanks, Gasol, Bynum, that looks like a roster than can contend with Miami w/ Odom off the bench.

The front office looks like rookies, Dwight is a child, he needs to grow up...would have loved CP3 although the loss of cartilage in his knee would have been a long-term worry.

They should have gotten him as he would have been the foundation of the team at 26, Lakers could have landed good trades and signings because who wouldn't want to play with Chris Paul?