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verizon rant

Ordered high speed internet for a rental property so I can install some security cameras. Its in a shady neighborhood so packaged get stolen. I told them on the inital order to mail to my billing address instead, but they:

1st sent it to the rental property
2nd contact: promised to mail it to correct address
3rd contact: confirmed that they sent it to the wrong address again
4th chat below:

Chat Subject:Other
Your Question:want to know status of order on xxx worth st, philadelphia pa 191xx
A Verizon eCenter Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.
Agent Angela has joined.
Angela : Chat ID for this session is 12221188902.
Angela(13:15:54): What services were ordered?
Thomas xxgedosh(13:16:03): high speed internet
Angela(13:18:48): One moment please.
Angela(13:21:43): Your service is active.
Thomas xxgedosh(13:21:54): where is my equipment?
Angela(13:23:44): Your service has been active since 10/13.
Angela(13:23:49): You never received the equipment?
Thomas xxgedosh(13:25:15): nope. I asked it to be mailed to xx Lily road, warminster PA xxxx. I've requested this three times already, you can check my chat history. Verizon keeps sending it to xxxx worth st when I specifically tell them to mail to xx lily road
Thomas xxgedosh(13:25:44): please check my newest ticket, and see where it was mailed
Angela(13:26:54): Yes, one moment please.
Angela(13:30:40): The last shipment was to xx Lily Rd.
Thomas xxgedosh(13:30:58): ok, could you please provide me with the tracking number?
Angela(13:35:08): I apologize, however, there were no subsequent equipment shipments.
Angela(13:35:23): We are reshipping to xx Lily Rd.
Thomas xxgedosh(13:38:15): You said the last shipment was to xx Lily Rd, please give me the tracking number for that
Thomas xxgedosh(13:38:44): or did you lie about that?
Angela(13:39:29): The last shipment was the only shipment to Lily Rd.
Thomas xxgedosh(13:39:53): ok, so please tell me the tracking number
Angela(13:40:13): I have reshipped it: order number: CICN260594310
Angela(13:40:24): If you chat with us tomorrow we can provide the tracking number.
Thomas xxgedosh(13:41:09): so you do not have a tracking number for initial shipment, or are you refusing to privide it to me?
Angela(13:42:29): The initial shipment was on 9/16/11.
Angela(13:43:04): The tracking number was 1Z2546000360573722
Thomas xxgedosh(13:43:04): 1Z2546000360573722 ?
Angela(13:43:29): Delete the question mark at the end. This did go to xxx Worth St.
Thomas xxgedosh(13:43:29): yes, if you check the details on that, you can see it was shipped to Philadelphia, PA, which is the incorrect address
Angela(13:43:35): There were no subsequent shipments.
Angela(13:43:50): I have shipped to the correct address today: xx Lily Rd.
Thomas xxgedosh(13:44:21): ok, I understand, your company made another mistake, and decided not to ship anything since 9/16/11. Please have your manager call me at 215-913-xxxx
End chat

oh, while billing me in the process