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Did I see what I think I saw? m3 in Laguna Beach Area

I was walking PCH ( Pacific Coast HWY) on the way to dinner in Laguna Beach ( Southern Ca)and A black E92 rolls by and stops at the red light 20 feet infront of me. I ran up to it, ditching my date and to my amazement I saw the quad exhaust from the rear, no badge, Couldn't see if it had the 18 or 19 inch rims either. Surprisingly the exhaust wasn't very loud when it whizzed by.

Sorry I know this is no help without pix ( I didn't have a camera on me, and it was also getting dark). But my point is this, could this have actually been a
"M3 mule" down here in socal? if so, why... etc.

I wasn't sure to be excited or to just be confused... has anyone else seen this black e92 m3 in the OC area?