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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
I race all over the country, are you a club racer too?

I will be autocrossing with St Louis region and i plan to hit the lincoln tour

Sorry if i was douchey but that was a little bit of an elementary-level comment.

Back before you thought i was a smartass, before the e92 was a twinkle in bangle's eye, the e36 m3 needed a stiffer front bar in stock class to keep the suspension in its happy place. Too much bump travel and the suspension starts to gain camber. The consequences were better tire wear, better transitions, and no loss in steady state grip. This scenario plays out over and over in Stock. When roll stiffness is difficult to come by, the front bar can be a big benefit on a variety of cars including bmw's. The e9x is a better design than the e36 but it still stands the tire up during big bump travel especially with the wheel turned.

By the same token, more front roll stiffness means less droop on the inside rear. This means less weight off the inside rear on accel.

Come on down to stl or come out to Lincoln and run ESP and see if you can raw time me with all the stuff on your car. Loser buys the beer.
This is all true, sadly I built a B stock e36 m3 the year after the rx8 took over.

Lord, save yourself and your money on this build. Oh, it will be fun, but you are going to need a National trophy level driver to make a case to the seb, so who are you going to put in the car? (Andy?)

You will have some of what you are seeking in a stock this year with the American v8's in the boss 302 is in a stock and probably just as out gunned as the e90 m3.

If you run the mid-div events in kc and Stl, you will get to bump heads with a 1m with at least one driver that is picked to win his class at nationals most years in sports car magazine.

I think you will have fun. I only autocrossed in an e90 once and the arm rest crowded me. How do you feel about the seat in the e90? Do you have room/space for yor arms? It kept bumping my elbow.

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