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Cool Second BMW M Exclusive Dealership Opens, in St. Petersburg, Russia

Second BMW M Exclusive Dealership Opens, in St. Petersburg, Russia
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Following on the heels of the first exclusive BMW M dealership in Singapore (photo tour) which opened in 2010, the second exclusive M showroom has now opened -- in St. Petersburg, Russia. It's called "Park M."

During its opening ceremonies, Managing Director Alexander Bystrov said: "Our dealership is located in a new business district of St. Petersburg where young, modern business people leave and work. For them, speed, power and prestige are important in a car. You will find all this and more in the unique products of BMW M."

Why Russia? Along with China, BMW M considers Russia one of the hot emerging markets for M vehicles. Can you guess which is the most popular BMW M model in Russia? Answer: the X6M.

We're hoping that no M models sold from this dealership will face the same shiny fate as the Russian gold X5M and green chrome F10.

Video of Park M Opening Ceremony

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