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Originally Posted by v1p3r View Post
mofomat, I don't think anyone wants to make you look like an idiot, it's just that we want to know how accurate the info is, because anyone can say "the ///M3 sedan will be at Frankfurt" for example, without having any idea if it's true or not.

The ///M3 laps the Nordschleife in 8:07.

See? I made that up and if I'd have left it like that people would have questioned my source/ the legitimacy of the statement too.

We're all excited about all the ///M3 versions and info is much appreciated, so throwing around info without ANY form of 'proof' is not cool.
What is this obsession with "proof" everytime somebody makes a statement? I don't need to provide proof for something which is blindingly obvious.

Stating the M3 laps the ring in 8:07 is just plucking a figure from thin air. My statement is based on facts and common sense.

There has been many threads stating (with evidence) that the E90 M3 will be launched sometime next year. Infact, despite a few rumours recently, the Cabrio will also be launched before the sedan.

It is absolutely common sense that the sedan will not be at Frankfurt in Sep. This is where the coupe is making it's world premier. Choose to believe it or not but I guarantee the sedan will not be at Frankfurt in September!

Only an idiot will believe otherwise.