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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
I am using these for the jack pads:
Interesting. They are more $$ than the ones I linked to, but look better.

Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
You can jack up from under the control arms and put the jack stands under the jack points.
The front control arms can take the pressure of a jack?

Originally Posted by SuitedPair View Post
immediately behind the diff's cooling fins... The floor jack will rise between the exhaust bends and contact a slightly rounded horizontal support. Just be careful b/c it's slightly rounded. Do a search and you'll find a pic of it.
Thanks, I will look.

Originally Posted by ThunderMoose View Post
OP - depending how much work you do on your car, you may consider

It's not the cheapest thing out there, but if you have a small garage like me, it breaks down and fits under work bench and is rock solid.
I saw that yesterday in my search. Looks neat, but it is too much money. And it says it only supports 4000lbs.